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13 January 2018
Cam chat

Meeting by webcam without registration

Our Chat Cam is a site for talking live and free with thousands of users. This service also offers the opportunity to chat online via webcam. The latter is used safely thanks to our secure and unrestricted connection, because it remains private: in order for us to see you, you must accept an invitation request from another user and vice versa for see the webcams of other users, they must accept your request.

Thanks to our webcam team which permanently manages the cam chat service, you can chat quietly on the free cam chat. Be sure to follow the rules essential to the proper functioning of the webcam. If these are not respected, our chat team will take the necessary steps to remedy it. Attention, we are a dating site and not a libertine site! We do not accept sexy cams!

Connection to the webcam chat.

Some advice on the webcam chat
The different tabs of the chat: When you connect on the chat, different tabs are available. We will pass each tab in detail to familiarize you with the chat.
In this part is the various information. As well as some functions.

The information you can find there are:

  • - your login information
  • - if you have blocked your private
  • - if you are disconnected

Dating by chat.

The Dating cam chat tab allows you to view all profiles of the site, even if people are not currently connected to the cam chat. You have different criteria: sex, age, with photo ... You can order the profiles at random, by date of registration or last visit. This is very useful for talking to members who have just registered. Most profiles can be viewed even if they are not online: if you click on their listing and send a message, it will be sent as an "offline message". This means that the person will receive the message at his next login as well as an email telling him that she has messages waiting.


This part is almost similar to the dating tab, except this time you have people connected in real time on the chat. This allows to see in a quick glance the different connected without changing the living room. You have the possibility to join the show of any person on this list by clicking on the join button of the selected show. The list is voluntarily restrained to 50 connected maximum. (In order not to degrade the performance of your computer). So use the different criteria!

The chat tab groups your friends list in the chat. Once a person asked as friends, it allows or refuses your friendship link via this tab. You will see your friends online and offline in this game, as well as their status (I'm happy / I'm sad / ... you put what you want). The statutes are seen by all your friends.


The section Salons includes all the salons of the chat site. A living room is a place where several chatters can speak simultaneously (unlike private).

Small "heads" are present next to each living room. Here is the legend:

  • - Gray: little activity (no one speaks)
  • - Orange: a few people speak
  • - Green: It's madness! Everyone is talking, the salon is very busy.

You can create your own room via the "Name" box and clicking the button just below. The display is updated only when you return to this part. You can update it via the button provided. Channel: Greatchat

This part is the living room where you are. The number represents the users connected in the living room. All the phrases you type here will be sent to each connected person in the show. You can use smiley via the button at the bottom left and change your color.

The little icon between the smileys and the choice of colors can block your private chat cam so that no new person can enter. Nevertheless, you can continue to interact with people already in private with you. However, be careful: if you close a private already open, the person will not be able to speak to you anymore, except on the show. You can have various information about the person by hovering over his nickname. To talk in private, just DOUBLE CLICK on the pseudonym of your choice. The same goes for the other tabs.


In this part, only the selected person sees your messages. You have access to her photos as well as the possibility to ask in chat cam. If you find his shocking photo (nudity, blood ...), click on "Shocking Photo". The site administrator will delete the photos