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GreatChat, your chat with no registration for free

A nice chat website for nice meetings. A mobile devices compatible with every operating system.
GreatChat is a free website for chatting where you can use your webcam.
A number of visitors growing every day on our chat website that are connecting regularly to discuss on a various chat rooms.
Accessing the chat is free and does not require registration
Our chat website will help you find friends or make nice meetings between people from your region.

The completely free chat website by GreatChat

GreatChat chat is a website for chatting online for free and with no registration.
This make possible for everyone to enter various chat rooms for free on our chat without having to register.
Obviously, we offer the possibility to members to register and to keep track of previous people that you've met and to be recognized everytime you enter the chat rooms. Enjoy your stay!

Browse the chat romms with your mobile, smartphone, tablet...

For a lot of you, you are used to come and meet people and make your circles grow. But when we do not have access to our computer, there is a problem. Or when your computer happens to be broken... For example, a young person trying to locate a website between two class sessions or for lunch breaks... There are not a lot of chances that you already have a computer in these situations. Nowadays, everyone owns its smartphone or tablet and keeps it in its poket or school bag...That's why this website is available via every device and operating system.

So that you can chat for free, everyone has to find a website. After that, you will have to do as if you were on your computer. Enter a nickname, your age and your gender. The password is only required if you wanted to register to keep your profile and friends.

When connecting with your phone, you will be able to chat with people online from every place and everytime you need as long as you have a network connection available. It'll be easy then, to meet new people as if you were using your computer since this website is compatible with all devices and all operating systems. Note that it works exactly the same : commands are exactly the same as they are on the computer, for kicking of banning or identifying yourself.

Mobile chat

The mobile chat offers various advantages of witch you can benefit for free. We can insist on the fact that you will be able to chat with your smartphone when you want. For instance, when you are on a break at work, connect and chat with us. Note that it is very practical for a lot of our members. Also, with the mobile version, the chat is open to everyone and is very simple to use. You could also download an app via Playstore such as Androirc. Like a lot of them, this app will give you access to commands that are runnable on the website. You will find everything that can be useful to enjoy your stay on our network.
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