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29 January 2018
Online discussion

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You do not know yet GreatChat, so this is an opportunity for you to discover our free chat. Our site is fully secured by SSL (little green padlock after successful connection to the online chat room) and our chat site is optimized for all types of operating systems and media (mobile phones, tablets, computers. ..).

Our site lists many chat rooms online, most of them public and accessible to all. There are also some private spaces to chat online between small groups. You may have already seen this type of sites. Indeed we use the IRC technology. We have been trying since 2010 to update this protocol by adding our latest novelty. Our goal is to make you discover or for some of you rediscover the sites to chat online. As in their glorious era. And yes in the 90's, who of us did not go or never heard of chatting. These places crowded with people. today neglected for dating sites or social networks. Unfortunately on these sites sometimes paying, I do not find, personally, that satisfaction is at the rendezvous.

There are many satisfied customers on our chat site. Online discussion.

We have worked hard to ensure your total satisfaction on our online chat site. Thus a completely secure space is offered to you, this very important point in our eyes is unfortunately not respected by all the online chat sites. Indeed, it should be known that for this GreatChat has worked hard by teaming up with the powerful online chat network discussed. We currently use the best technologies on the market and have even developed several protection systems. Our favorite is undoubtedly a unique child protection system for our online chat room.
When 90% of other chat uses standard configurations and servers, chatted created a site like his, none of our services are standard. Our web server uses NGINX and our ircd is an InspIRCD all associated with an ovh server much more powerful than our needs but also a cache server like VARNISH and a CDN to speed up our online chat site with our foreign friends.
We wish you all a very pleasant time on our online discussion site